Life Questions and Conversation Starters
Friends, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, First Dates and More

So you are looking for some Fun Questions to get to know someone...or questions to check into that new boyfriend or girlfriend. Well we have em all - all kinds of questions to find out what you need to know from whomever you are asking.

101 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend
They are all here. Just ask away.

Naughty Questions for Couples
These are saucy questions to ask your partner. These are recommended for adults only. Read at your own risk. Intimate questions to get to know your partner.

Fun Questions to Get to Know Your Friends and Neighbors
So often all we talk about is the weather, our problems, tv and movies. These questions will definitely talk you off in different conversation directions

Ice Breaker Questions
For those times when you need to “Break the Ice”

Good Questions to Get to Know Your Girlfriend
Check it out. Read the introduction. There is a naughty section if that is what you are looking for.

Questions to Get to Know the Family
The questions listed here are a great opportunity for some bonding, some laughs and a few surprises too. Also check out questions for friends and neighbors.

Fun questions to Get to Know Your Date
Some of these are really basic but it sure is handy having them all on one list. The bonus is the rapid fire list. Have a look.

The layout of this site is set up so that you only have to go to your category to find what you want. Have fun.